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Paedra Bramhall

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Resume ...A small view of my History
2007 "PAEDRA ExPOSED", "PAINTINGS", a one person show at GALLERY IN THE FIELD run by Fran Bull. My first painting show. Over 35 ink paintings, all 38" x 50". This show focuses on sexuality in three themes: The "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL" series; "FETISH PAINTINGS" of individuals in the community; and "SEMI-PORTRAITS & NUDES".

2005 Bi-Annual League of NH Craftsmen honor me with Best in Mixed Media for glass sculpture "MENSES ll "

2005 "MY SEARCH for the FEMININE DIVINE", One Person show at AVA Gallery includes 9 major sculptures, the largest "Sanctum of the Feminine Divine" is 10" x 10" x 10", and in the show 56 sumi ink drawings. "TRANSITION" , an art performance piece was staged at the Opening. I designed, hung, sequenced, and created the whole show. ALL of the opening was DVD documented.

2002 "ALTAR/INFERTILE" sculpture chosen for exhibit at Hood Museum of Art, "REGIONAL SELECTIONS 30". Maureen Ahern's statement really "sees" my work like no else for the first time. She honors me.

2002 "ALTAR TO THE FEMININE DIVINE", an installation sculpture and performance piece , 10" x 10" x 8" high in a room created at Ferngully Moss Gallery made of 98 pieces of blown glass, fabric, sound, carpet, mirrors. 7 min video

2000 ----> present I follow my focused vision totally of exploration of sexuality in all my media: painting using the figure/nude in juxtaposition to and with patriotic, and fetish , and other images to ask questions and make comments. drawing. now the beginning points for my painting 38" x 50" on paper in sumi ink, AND YES size does make a difference. I explore both female and male sexuality. writing. my journal now approaches 2600 pages within which are the beginnings of three-four scripts.

1993-'97 with two full time sculpture assistants I spend 3 1/2 years on the non-commissioned sculpture/fountain, "TABLETOP", 6" h x 9" x 10" x 4000 lbs and pay for it with blown art glass

1990's work/art starts to slowly and then very rapidly change as I explore sexuality in my glass and bronze combined sculpture. This is often frustrated by financial and social constraints.

1990 start and build new sculpture studio and install the rolling "I" beam from/which the sculptress Judith Brown had in her studio. The clear space is 26" x 26" x 20"h. wow

1987-'88 I actively pursue getting comfortable with my self. This will result in being openly transgendered.

1988 Vermont Educational TV does a 1/2 hour documentary on me including the making of a 35 lb blown art glass "Interior".

1981 start and build new glass studio

1980 Fritz Driesbach gets me into "CONCENTRATION" , an eight week intensive study program at Penland School of Crafts

1980's I taught Andy Bird to blow glass. He becomes my assistant working evenings and weekends with me for 20 + years of incredible art glass/sculpture output and creativity.

1979 design and start to build new home/studio space in Bridgewater Hollow up out of the valley where my sculpture studios will remain.

1970 ----> present Full time artist/painter/sculptor/art glass artist/ craftsman making creating art.

1970 BFA in Sculpture from Cleveland Institute of Art

1969 summer. built first glass "studio" of sorts in Vermont; blew glass (JM#475B spheres); bought first diesel generator/ have always been off grid making my own power. Herb Babcock came and helped; his first touch with glass.

1968 summer. 12 weeks of glass at Penland School of Crafts got to know Fritz Driesbach who taught me much !

1967 summer. Rodger Lang got me into Penland for my first schooling/learning blowing glass

1965 talked my way into Cleveland Institute of Art where I would start as a freshman in a 5 year program. Best decision I ever made. No glass. I lived and breathed sculpture. Thank you John Clague, and for giving me "eyes to see" John Paul Miller !

1962 - 64 Ithaca College and Valparaiso U.

1963 in Madison, Wisc Univ. Jim Tanner handed me a glass blow pipe for the first time and I got "bit by it" Thank you Jim.

1942 born in a cabin in Bridgewater Vermont which I still own (and rent as CABIN IN THE WOODS )