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Transfigured Collages

Paedra Bramhall

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"PAEDRA Bramhall continues to explore his theme ( of Explicit SEXUALITY ) and to refine his technique, AND no one piece can show the range that his quest for expressing the feminine has taken."

"ONLY when the viewer takes a moment to wonder what ( this artist's work, this artist's vision ) is all about does the scale and composition cause the nature of the works to hit home."

"PAEDRA Bramhall's bold yet delicate construction ( and composition ) explores the biological ( and political ) implications of the feminine side of the human condition with a directness I ( have never ) seen before."

-- from REGIONAL SELECTIONS 30, as produced by The Hood Museum, written by Maureen Ahern

PAEDRA welcomes YOU to this web site and INVITES your journey into her/his vision.

To Collectors and Curators

Examples of nearly all of the Painting, Sculpture, Installations, Glass Art which you are about to peruse can be found here at my studios.

I look forward to our appointment.