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Paedra Bramhall

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These are open personal statements of mine. As I seek the wellspring of my own being in their creation; as I reach into my image library for what has moved me made me brought me to this moment so to the viewer I open a moment. A moment like no other. These I put forth for the viewer to react to and to interact with. Positive. Negative. I put forth a situation, a confrontation to get you the audience involved, to get you to question. I put forth to get you to think:

WHAT is appropriate subject matter ?
WHAT is beautiful ?
Can beautiful also be disturbing ?
Can beautiful also be obscene ?
Can beautiful also be pornographic ?
WHAT/WHO should or should not be censored ?
WHAT/WHO should or should not be censured ?
       WHY ? WHY ? WHY ?

Inquiries are welcome