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Paedra Bramhall

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New Work: Painting 2003--->2007--> continues

In painting I find spontaneity. Electricity. I receive Great GREAT gifts from the individuals/models who are willing to sit for me. There are incredible exchanges of intensity and power during these sittings. The gift of being able for a time period to enter into personal spaces. The honor of their feeling comfortable and safe as I create an image of them.

I have not painted since I was at The Cleveland Institute of Art. I feel new and alive and inquisitive. The directness and the spontaneity is so very incredible in the initial capture of the person. To see, TO REALLY SEE and then to make my statement. This is my challenge. That statement being: Sexual. Patriotic. Beautiful. Questioning. Disturbing. ALL are appropriate ! ALL need to be looked at.

This artery of my vision continues ! ! !

Collectors please note:
      In the past two years I have created more than 300 Paintings using this ink method.
      THERE is a lot which is not here in this web site.

Collectors & those wishing to sit for me:
      I welcome your interest and commissions.
      I welcome the opportunity to do a semi portrait of you.
      There is a lot we can do together.